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Child Caring
Child Genetic Testing
GPBio adopt a scientific approach - by collecting oral exfoliated cells, to obtain DNA. We use advanced technological systems for testing and data analysis, after which we give scientific interpretation of a child's genes related to health, personality and potentials. It can help parents understand their children's physical characteristics, and then give them the best nutrition and health care to maximize physical and mental development. It also helps parents know the children's personality better and thus individualize education plans accordingly, making it a more relaxed and happier childhood for the kids.
Health Risk Package
2 groups of test items
Child Genetic Testing
Physical Features
Macronutrients intake abilities
Blood Micronutrients
Skin Sensitivity To Sun
Alcohol Metabolism
Bone Mineral Density
Disease Risks
Childhood Asthma
ntion—deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD
Severe early-onset obesity
Gifts and Talents Package
4 groups of test items
Child potential assessment
Mathematics and Logic
Imagination Capability
Cognitive Ability
Learning Capability
Short-term Memory
Shy Personality
Reward Dependency
Cooperation tendency
Speech Capability
Athletic Ability
Music Talent
Muscle Strength
Reading Ability
Atopic Dermatitis
Anorexia Tendency
Celiac Disease
Intestine Discomfort Tendency
Sweet Preference
Heart Health
Cardiovascular Diseases Genetic Testing

Cardiovascular diseases account for 44.60%(rural)and 42.51%(urban)of deaths in China

In every 5 cases of deaths from diseases, 2 died of cardiovascular diseases.

- "China Cardiovascular Report 2015"

In China, the prevalence of hypertension in people of 18 years old and above is 25.2%;calculated from the 6th national census in 2010, the number of Chinese hypertension patients is 270 million.

- "Chinese Residents Nutrition and Chronic Disease Status Report 2015"

Unfortunately, each one of us may be one of the above figures.
Weapons to defend Cardiovascular Diseases
Early detection、early prevention、and early treatment
In every 30 minutes
at least one person died of cardiovascular diseases In every 4 adults

In every 4 adults
there is one hypertension patient.
Cancer Detection
More than 200 testing items
covering tumor susceptibility
and tumor medication
In 2015, China has 4.3 million new cases of cancer and 2.81 million tumor deaths. Every 30 seconds, a person is diagnosed with cancer. The average 5-year survival rate of cancer patients is only 30%. Malignant tumor has been one of the top three factors causing death in the Chinese people, making it frightening when talking about cancer. The eight most threatening cancers in Chinese are: lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, acute leukemia, and brain tumors.
The above-mentioned tumor prevalence is just the occurrence in the whole population. Due to individual differences, the risk of a single person carrying tumor susceptibility genes will be much higher!
cancer rates in male
cancer rates in female
female breast cancer rate
Early prevention,early diagnosis,and early treatment
are the three principle weapons in encountering cancers.
The three levels of prevention from the Union for International Cancer Control
  • About 1/3 of the most common cancers are preventable through a healthy diet & weight, & regular physical activity.
  • About 1/3 of the most common cancers are curable through early diagnosis and early treatment.
  • About 1/3 of the most common cancer patients can extend survival and get better life quality through precision medicine.
Medication Instruction
Medication Safety

A large number of biomedical research results show a considerable number of individual differences in adverse drug reactions are caused by genetic factors. Studies found out that the human body efficacy and side effects of more than three hundred kinds of common prescription drugs in China (such as Aspirin, Diazepam, Diclofenac Diethylamine, Ibuprofen, Prozac, etc.) are closely related with genes.

The sequence of drug metabolic genes in each human body determines individual's drug metabolism and tolerable doses. Individualized medication that only takes age, gender and health status into account is far from enough. It must also consider individual difference in genes, which in turn it can ensure the safe use of drugs.

The use of DNA testing technologies which can crack the secrets of DNA related drug responses, reveals patient's adverse effects on different drugs and provides scientific and precise guidance to clinical medicine. With reference of DNA testing results, doctors can make suitable medication plan containing drug selection, dose control, and drug combination, etc., for each patient. Ultimately it will improve drug efficacy, reduce side effects, and lower medical expenses.

Health Management
Whole genome, explore life, seek health
Everyone's blueprint of life - the whole genome - consists of 3 billion nucleotide bases (containing more than 20,000 functional genes). Human whole genome sequencing refers to the use of a new generation of high-throughput DNA sequencer at 30x coverage. After comparing with the human genome map, a complete map of individual genome sequences is obtained, which enables the deciphering of an individual’s entire genomic information.

Whole genome sequencing has a wide coverage. It can detect all the genetic information in the genome with the accuracy rate as high as 99.99%.

Thousands of diseases, individual traits, behaviors, and abilities in human are genetically determined or related. Whole genome sequencing reveals the mysteries of birth, aging, sickness, and death, giving mankind the opportunity to fundamentally recognize the onset of diseases. It realizes early prevention and correct treatment of disease. GPBio provides you with genome-wide sequencing, allowing you to immediately get hold of your entire life blueprint.

Why whole genome sequencing?

In real life, many diseases fail to get uncovered timely, or treated correctly. As a result, precious opportunities of cure are missed.
A quick, easy and painless genetic test can prompt you for the probability of a particular disease, which gives you the opportunity to receive early health management guidance and helps you stay as far from the disease as possible.

Nutrition Metabolism
Intervene in disease process

Nutrition metabolic diseases are mainly, easily overlooked, chronic diseases, accounting for 80% of human mortality by diseases nevertheless. Medical intervention of chronic diseases and the enhancement of health management can effectively reduce the mortality rate, delay the progress of diseases, and improve the quality of life.

Diet management in traditional Chinese medicine helps maintain the health of the body through slight adjustments of nutrition combination. However, if differences in nutrition related genes between people are not reasonably considered, the effect of diet management will be weakened. Through the detection of genes related to metabolic diseases, blind care can be turned into a purposeful health management.

From diabetes to osteoporosis, or from female natural menopause age to vitamin absorption and metabolism capacity, through genetic testing, not only prediction of illness risks is available, better understanding of the possible causes of illness is feasible as well.

people that have patients of nutrition metabolic diseases in their family
people of sub-health condition
people with unhealthy habits such as irregular meals, drinking, and late stay-ups
all the people that are curious about their own physical conditions
New-born Care
New Life, New Hope
China has one of the world's highest rate of birth defects, which is up to 4% to 6%. On average, one baby gets born every 30 seconds. Every year, there are about 90 million new cases of birth defects and more than 800,000 new children with disabilities. The economic burden due to birth defects is over ¥20 billion each year ... ...

According to reports, in China, only 20% to 30% of new-born babies with birth defect obtain better life quality through early diagnosis and treatment, but about 40% suffer from life-long disability. If all surviving birth defects and disabled children were provided treatment, rehabilitation and necessary welfare, the country would have to invest ¥30 billion a year.

Genetic disease detection in both husband and wife expecting a baby can effectively reduce the occurrence of birth defects in children, and also effectively reduce or even avoid the burden on the families.

Through neonatal screening of genetic diseases, birth defects from genetic reasons can receive early diagnosis and treatment before clinical manifestations or mild symptom is observed,

thus effectively prevent the body tissues and organs from irreversible damages, which greatly reduce children mortality with mental retardation, physical disability, and other serious diseases.

Only 20% to 30% of new-born babies with birth defect
obtain better life quality
through early diagnosis and treatment
About 40%
suffer from life-long disability
Allergy Detection
Safe diet, Comfy Life

Allergic diseases, or abnormal reaction diseases, is a class of diseases caused by allergens (drugs or serum, etc.) on the allergic population. Allergic diseases may occur in all ages from newborn to the most elderly with significant genetic predisposition. Studies have shown that if the parents have allergic diseases, 75% of their offspring have the possibility of allergic diseases, of which 50% occurred in the first 5 years after birth. With age, the occurrence will gradually decrease.

The rate of allergic diseases has shown a global growth. According to epidemiological surveys, allergic diseases increased by at least 3 times in the past 30 years, covering more than 22% of the world's population. It has become the world's sixth largest disease class. As a result, allergy and anti-allergy, is an inevitable challenge confronting modern people.

Through genetic testing on allergic diseases, early genetic detection can remind high-risk people away from allergens, so as to delay the onset or to avoid the diseases, thereby improving the quality of life.
Celiac disease
immunoglobulin E levels
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