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GPBio Corporation is a biomedical Hi-tech company providing genetic testing, molecular diagnosis, immuno-diagnosis, microbiological testing, biochemical detection, data analysis, forensics, and health management services. Based on a team of experts and professors from world’s leading universities including Harvard University, Fudan University, and Peking University, we apply comprehensive scientific and technological strength in the field of biomedicine, and commit ourselves in building the largest million-grade genomic database to provide precision medicine and health management services suitable for the Chinese population.

GPBio discovers life secrets for you. We are your health guardian!

forensics examination
GPBio Product Series
Child Caring
Child Genetic Testing
GPBio adopt a scientific approach - by collecting oral exfoliated cells, to obtain DNA. We use advanced technological systems for testing and data analysis, after which we give scientific interpretation of a child's genes related to health, personality and potentials. It can help parents understand their children's physical characteristics, and then give them the best nutrition and health care to maximize physical and mental development. It also helps parents know the children's personality better and thus individualize education plans accordingly, making it a more relaxed and happier childhood for the kids.
Child Health Risk Package
Classes of Items
Child Genetic Testing
Child Potential Package
Classes of Items
Child Potential Screening
Nutrition Metabolism Products
Intervene in disease process
Improve the quality of life
Nutrition metabolic diseases are mainly chronic diseases, easily overlooked, but accounting for 80% of human mortality by diseases. Medical intervention of chronic diseases and the enhancement of health management can effectively reduce the mortality rate, delay the progress of diseases, and improve the quality of life.
Suitable for
people that have patients of nutrition metabolic diseases in their family
people of sub-health condition
people with unhealthy habits such as irregular meals, drinking, and late stay-ups
all the people that are curious about their own physical conditions
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Cancer Detection Products
More than 200 tumor susceptibility genes and tumor medication testing items
In 2015, China has 4.3 million new cases of cancer and 2.81 million tumor death cases. Every 30 seconds, a person is diagnosed with cancer. The average 5-year survival rate of cancer patients is only 30%. Malignant tumors have been one of the top three factors causing death of the Chinese people, which makes people more frightened when talking about cancer. The eight cancers threatening Chinese the most are: lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, acute leukemia, and brain tumors.
Early prevention, early diagnosis, and early treatment are the three principle weapons in encountering cancers.
The three levels of prevention from the Union for International Cancer Control
of the most common cancers are preventable through a healthy diet & weight, & regular physical activity.
of the most common cancers are curable through early diagnosis and early treatment.
of the most common cancer patients can extend survival and get better life quality through precision medicine.
GPBio News
GPBio Superiority
GPBio, with an expert team from world’s leading universities and institutions and led by academy members, has brought together a group of high-intellect technical talents. Its expert team has established the largest genome database of the Chinese population to date. GPBio provides the most dependable services based on advanced detection techniques, reliable systematic data analysis, and comprehensive interpretation for you and your family.
Top-notch Team
  • US and Chinese academy members
  • Professional biological technicians
  • Senior medical doctors as genetic counselor
Advanced Technologies
  • World’s most advanced genetic biochips
  • Covers all testing items
  • Supported by leading universities and institutions
  • Unique patented technologies
Global Support
  • Ten years of technical accumulation in international biotech industry
  • Genomic data of 250,000 Chinese people
  • Backed by genetic testing data from international companies and world renowned universities
Big Data
  • Database of 1 million people
  • Complete phenotype information
  • Ever-growing
Data Analysis
  • Powerful bioinformatics systems
  • Self-developed algorism
  • Advanced reporting system
Integrated Strategy
  • Thorough and precise testing
  • Reliable report
  • Complete health management plan
Leader in precision medicine through the development of pioneering genetic and clinical testing products and services
Build Million+ Database, and develop lines of molecular testing products & services
Open, Loyal, Respectful, United, Diligent, Striving
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